My favourite assistants

Without any exception so far, when doing child photography, I find children are very interested in the equipment. Not just the lamps and how they seemingly miraculously flash without anyone pushing any buttons, but also the cameras and lenses. And of course, they ‘always’ want to try my main camera with its biggest (very, very heavy) lens. So I will compromise and let them use my backup camera with a light lens instead. And this is the part where different characters come into play and show. Some will aim it anywhere and just keep clicking away non-stop for 3 minutes, others will take 3 minutes to focus precisely and click once.
Naturally, I will take pictures of the child taking pictures, but strangely enough, I always automatically delete their results (which yes, even if I pre-set the camera for them, it is clear they were shot by them, not me). As of now I have decided to stop doing so, and see what gathering, comparing and combining their results will amount up to. To re-quote Twyla Tharp from my previous post: “Everything is raw material. Everything is relevant. Everything is usable. Everything feeds into my creativity”. And if it doesn’t, perhaps they will at least serve as a nice keeper for the parents and children I photograph.

Kinderfotografie door | Child Photography by Nathalie Graafland
Kinderfotografie door | Child Photography by Nathalie Graafland
© Nathalie Graafland

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