Sonia Soberats’ blind photography

77-year-old Sonia Soberats only began photography classes in 2001, a decade after she lost her sight due to glaucoma. Working in a pitch-black studio she uses a method known as ‘light painting’. She will arrange her models using her hands, instructing her assistant where to place the edges of the frame and then to open the shutter.

“I feel your face, your hair, then I’ll ask you: ‘Are you light-colored? Or dark? Is your hair blonde or brown or black?’ ” she said. “So with asking and touching, then I’ll get an idea of what I have to work with.”

Sonja walks around the subject with various light sources illuminating details and using shutter speeds (slows) ranging from two minutes to an hour.

Sonia Soberats' blind photography


© Sonia Soberats


3 thoughts on “Sonia Soberats’ blind photography

  1. Great story! I have so much respect for people that overcome their disability and do what everybody thinks is not possible for them! RESPECT!

  2. Beetje macaber, maar wel heel apart!

    Met vriendelijke groet van Louk Weyers, Beeldend Kunstenaar Atelieradres: Sportlaan 10, 6096 BT Grathem T 0475-453350 Mb staat uit W E

    P.S.: een nieuwe buitenkunst Kat is af, zie op de site onder het paraplu-icoontje . . .

    Op 13 dec. 2012 om 10:04 heeft Seemingly So het volgende geschreven:

    > >

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