Dan Tobin Smith’s ‘Alphabetical’

Dan Tobin Smith’s ‘Alphabetical’ is an experimental project in more than one way: it is an exploration of typography using different materials but also one of perspective, where two-dimensional structures are recreated in three-dimensional settings. Dan plays with scale, colour, space, light and perspective, combining these elements to create the visual illusion of a flat letter when viewed from a certain angle.

“The project makes use of anamorphosis, or distorted projection to create the forms. This is a technique which dates back to the Renaissance and found one of its first uses in photography with an image called ‘The Human U.S. Shield’ made in 1913, which shows a staggering 30,000 officers and men of Camp Cluster forming an enormous U.S. Shield.”

Dan Tobin Smith’s ‘Alphabetical’ TT_DTS_img5 TT_DTS_img16 TT_DTS_img2


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